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Medical center «Valeo»

Bloodless, low-traumatic removal of papillomas, warts,without scars

Quick, painless and without a scar!

Bloodless, low-traumatic removal of papillomas, candela, warts, atheromas without scars!

Qualified surgeons work on the innovative electrosurgical apparatus Vesalius. The device is based on the principle of molecular resonance, and is indispensable in “minor” surgery, where rough burning effect is unacceptable, and how the healing process takes place is of particular importance. During the intervention, an incision and coagulation (stopping of bleeding) occur simultaneously, which allows the surgeon to work in an almost “dry” wound.
The molecular resonance method provides a gentle cut without heat. All these factors contribute to minor trauma to the surrounding area and the rapid healing of the wound without a scar or scar.
  • Yana Kalinina

    Сколько стоит удалить папиллому?

    • admin

      Стоимость удаления 160 грн за 1 единицу.

    • valeo-admin

      Cтоимость удаления 160 грн за 1 единицу.

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