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Our laboratory performs analyzes in the Cito mode (urgently) from 40 minutes to 2 hours – general clinical, biochemical studies. IFA and PCR studies – within 24 hours.

Laboratory tests are an integral part of the treatment process.

 Современная лаборатория в НиколаевеMillions of people all over the world owe their lives to analysis. Not every disease can be identified by the appearance of a person, but it is impossible to hide something from laboratory research.

High-tech accredited laboratory “Valeo” with the latest generation equipment is represented by five specialized departments that perform a wide range of analyzes (general clinical, biochemical, immuno-enzyme, PCR, bacteriological). YOU CAN PASS any necessary test directly to the center (including anonymously). Studies are performed on site, there is no transportation over long distances.

The earlier and more accurately the diagnosis is made, the more successful and fast the treatment will be. According to statistics, about 80% of diagnoses are based on the results of laboratory tests.

Numerous tests are conducted in our clinic to help identify diseases in the early stages and help in a timely manner.

Thanks to the tests, it is possible to determine the level of hormones, the presence of pathogens, inflammatory processes in the body, determine the presence of viruses and helminths.

Modern drugs and equipment designed to provide the most accurate result of research. And this is a direct path to recovery.

The research work in the field of carbohydrate metabolism has been carried out, now the advanced direction in medicine on the microbiotics of the intestine is being studied.

The quality of research is ensured by double control – internal control and independent external expert control, including international.

General clinical studies

Лаборант проводит общеклинические анализыThese are methods of laboratory diagnostics, which allow to determine the general state of human health, by examining blood, urine, feces, urinary organs discharge, etc.

General clinical blood examination (complete blood count) is one of the most important diagnostic methods that subtly reflects the reaction of the blood-forming organs to the effects of various physiological and pathological factors. In many cases, it is of great importance in the diagnosis.

General clinical examination of urine (urinalysis) includes the determination of the physical properties, chemical composition and microscopic examination of the sediment.

A general clinical examination of feces (coprogram) is an important addition to the diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system and the evaluation of the results of their treatment, including the study of physicochemical properties and microscopic examination. In accordance with the latest medical research, we carry out a detailed analysis of the microbiota (a set of intestinal bacteria), which makes it possible to identify susceptibility for various diseases long before the onset of clinical symptoms.

General clinical examination of urinary organs discharge (urogenital smear on microflora and cytological examination) is carried out to assess the nature of the microflora and identify the inflammatory process, as well as to identify atypical cells and assess the production of sex hormones.

Biochemical blood tests

Оборудование для биохимического анализаBlood testing will determine the functions of the main vital organs – the kidneys, liver, pancreas, endocrine system, receive information about the metabolism, determine the level of enzymes, vitamins and microelements. Detection of inflammatory processes even before clinical manifestations and complaints is a very early diagnosis available to our visitors today.


ELISA diagnostics

Тест-системы для иммуноферментного анализаELISA is a method for determining in the patient’s blood antibodies to infectious agents, non-specific (universal) immunoglobulins, quantitative measurement of hormones. The ELISA method has a high sensitivity and specificity, allows you to determine the response of the patient to the infectious process.

Test systems for ELISA diagnose a wide range of different infections: HIV infection, viral hepatitis, cytomegalovirus, herpetic, toxoplasma, and more. other infection and hormones.


DNA diagnosis of infections (PCR)

Проведение диагностики в лаборатории НиколаеваПЦР – полимеразная цепная реакция. PCR – polymerase chain reaction. This is a highly sensitive method for determining the pathogen of a bacterial or viral infection in the body. It is based on determining the specific structure of the DNA (genetic code) of each microbe or virus. PCR is the “gold standard” for the detection of infectious agents; WITH THE HELP OF IT viral infections can be detected immediately after infection, in weeks or months before the APPEARENCE OF first symptoms.

The main features and advantages of the PCR method:

100% specificity, since each pathogen has a unique nucleic acid fragment;
high sensitivity;
the ability to determine the number of copies of the pathogen (allows you to assess the quality of therapy);
possibility of simultaneous diagnosis of several pathogens.

Microbiological studies (with the definition of antibiotic sensitivity)

Bacteriological seeding (microbiological research) is a laboratory study in which a biomaterial is placed in an environment that is favorable for the growth of bacteria under certain temperature parameters. This method determines the amount of the pathogen and its sensitivity to antibiotics, which allows you to select a drug INDIVIDUALLY for treatment and monitor the healing process.

Turning to the laboratory “Valeo” you will receive expert assistance with minimal time and effort.

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