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Kudrina Svetlana Sergeyevna


She graduated from Zaporizhzhya State Medical University in 2010.

Participated in Ukrainian congresses, seminars, trainings with the following themes: “International and domestic standards of gynecological care”, “Current issues of clinical medicine”, “Modern ways of improving obstetric and gynecological and perinatal care”, “Current issues of preserving women’s reproductive health”, “ Modern aspects of family planning ”,“ Hormonal contraception ”,“ Abnormal uterine bleeding ”,“ Infectious and inflammatory diseases in gynecology ”.

Owns techniques of small gynecological operations. Successfully conducts outpatient operations in our center on the unique molecular resonance apparatus “Vesalius” (innovative-surgical knife of the Italian manufacturer “Telea electronics engeneering”), which allows effectively and efficiently, at the level of European standards, to perform all kinds of “medium” and “small” interventions.

Calmness, confidence and professionalism are those qualities that patients in Svetlana Sergeyevna value.

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