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Dikiy Sergey Anatolyevich

Urologist, andrologist

Graduated from Odessa State Medical University in 1996.

Participates in Ukrainian and international congresses, seminars, forums: participated in the male infertility school with the support of the international school of postgraduate education PRISM (Belgium), “Actual issues of modern sexology and andrology”, “Male infertility: several facets of one problem”, “Infections urinary tract: pyelonephritis “,” Benign prostatic hyperplasia “.

The motto in the work: “Natura sanat, medicus curat” – Nature heals, and the doctor cures. Sergey Anatolyevich is fluent in methods of low-impact outpatient urological operations. He successfully uses the unique molecular resonance apparatus “Vesalius” (innovative-surgical knife of the Italian manufacturer “Telea electronics engeneering”) that allows performing all types of “medium” and “small” interventions effectively and qualitatively, at the level of European standards.

Hobbies in life: travel, sports, fishing.

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