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Medical center «Valeo»

Annual Medical Support Policy “Under Protection”

For those who care about their health.

Prevention and early detection of diseases and risk factors for their development is a guarantee of health and significant savings in the cost of treatment.

Simply, the state of health needs to be given sufficient attention and identifying the disease before the first symptoms appear – this is a chance to prevent its development, or a cure without consequences and the risk of complications. It is also important that timely diagnosis and treatment imply much lower financial costs.

We offer an annual policy of in-depth screening programs for the prevention and treatment of the most common diseases, including in the first place modern methods of laboratory, instrumental and functional diagnostics.

The policy is purchased one-time (like insurance), and the options included in it can be used either immediately or throughout the calendar year. As the payment is preliminary, even with an increase in the cost of our services for policyholders, the price remains the same. The total cost of the services included in the program of the policy is lower than the price list, which makes its acquisition cost-effective. If there is an individual need to purchase any medical services that are not included in the program – the policy holders will be entitled to a discount on all additional services. In order to make the program more flexible and personalized, it is possible to replace 30% of policy options with other ones needed by a specific patient. Replacement is made in consultation with your doctor.

Recommended basic program (first version):

general clinical, biochemical, immunofermental laboratory tests of biomaterial (blood, urine, feces – 115 parameters), ultrasound (abdominal organs: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, thyroid, pelvic organs for women, for male prostate gland ), ECG.

In addition to the basic program (the first option), an expanded policy program is available (the second option), which is supplemented by laboratory tests for hepatitis B and C, urogenital infections (and sexually transmitted infections), HIV, ultrasound of the heart and blood vessels (Doppler study on the device of expert class )

The programs include new types of analyzes with high diagnostic significance – the results of the latest scientific research in medicine.

The first and second versions of the policy include three medical consultations (therapist, narrow specialist).

The cost of the basic program (the first option) – 3565 UAH (full price price – 4060 UAH)

The cost of the expanded program (the second option) – 6980 UAH (full price list – 7795 UAH)

The policy can be purchased for yourself or family members, for example, parents who need medical support. An excellent solution for employers – the acquisition of the policy for their employees.

An additional advantage is that, at a separate price, policy owners are entitled to a non-urgent call to the doctor at the house upon prior request.

High-quality diagnostics is almost half the success of treatment.

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